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Rosangela Arreaza

My name is Rosangela Arreaza,

born 25-08-1975 in Caracas, Venezuela

Living in Bruges, Belgium


My experience with art started at the time I could open my eyes to the world. Around me where always incredibly beautiful engravings, litographs, drawings, paintings and sculptures of famous latinoamerican artists or on their way to become important on that ambit hanging on our walls. My father was an avid collector and my uncle, a very successful Art Critic, Poet and prolific Artist himself.

So for me, brushes, charcoals, oil pastels, terpentine, oil painting, canvas,as well as, ateliers, museums and galleries where my playground and my favorite fragances and toys.


In order to pursuit, what unavoidably became also my passion, I started studies on Graphic Design at the Instituto Serigrafico Avila "ISA" Which I took pretty serious having always very positive critics towards my work, then, a turn in my life took me to start studies on education fields at the Universidad Pedagogica Libertador "UPEL" in Caracas Venezuela, but having completed this long parethesis, of seven years, and running away from the convulsed and dramatic venezuelan political situation in 2009, I

reactivated my artistic vein, in the, cold, oneiric and agricultural Holland, with a language as perplexing as bombastic which triggered that need to express myself, not in words, in order to connect and survive through art, to this new context.


I began to study again, at the Arts Academy of Bruges in Belgium, getting fully inmersed in the European artistic world, through its wonderful museums which I visited avidly. Anyhow, I found myself more connected to the modern and comtemporary art but the trayect to this conclusion was very enlightening and enriching to me. Due to this fact, I stopped the studies at The prestigious Art Academy of Bruges, that implements a very diciplined and classical education, very attached to the traditional cannons of the extraordinary european art, and I got enrolled at The Art Academy of Knokke, MAAK also in Belgium, where I felt deeply connected with its innovative pedagogycal model, open to all kinds of experimentation and its great respect to my artistic individuality.


Here I got reinvented, with an extraordinary energy and the determination to capture the

attention to my colored luminosity, where the basic need is to express my inner world, wich bursts through captivating mixtures of pigments getting unusual and vibrating color extremes, with a plasticity that also involves a universal graphic language, awakening the audience from this terrible creative lethargy that some call maturity/ boredom/ laziness/ routine or however we want to call it.


Rosangela Arreaza Marval

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