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Rosangela Arreaza

Rosangela Arreaza,

born 25-08-1975 in Caracas, Venezuela

Living in Bruges, Belgium


Rosangela Arreaza Marval, more commonly known in the art world as RAMart, is a Venezuelan artist born and raised in Caracas. Her art is distinct for its passionate blend of artistic expression with subjective and archetypal elements from ancient civilizations. She aims to create unique pieces that offer a universal connection point for all viewers.

The artistic collection of RAMart is a blend of various styles, creating a dialogue between the past and present and forming a timeless visual story. Her body of work includes everything from paintings and sculptures to installations and digital pieces. Each work invites the audience on a journey through the shades of identity, the inherent beauty of nature, and the simplicity of human connections.

To summarize, RAMart's art engages its viewers in a dialogue, encouraging a deeper exploration that extends beyond the canvas, delving into the profound aspects of life and the essence of nature."


Painting model
Portrait of the artist Rosangela Arreaza
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