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Brugse Zotten I

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Unique artwork created with Mix media on linen (Acrylic and oil pastels) 200x60cm

 RAMart, also known as Rosangela Arreaza Marval, has created a fascinating fusion of cultural symbols in her work. With a powerful representation of the interconnection and exchange of human and humorous experiences with the local people of her current city, Bruges in Belgium. During the COVID pandemic, the Venezuelan artist was deeply impacted by witnessing the recklessness of a group of drunken men in Bruges, defying day after day the numerous regulations that the rest of the population had to follow in this city famous for its exceptional local beers. and its monumental Catholic churches. This scene reminded him of the recognizable masks of the "Devils of Yare," a ritual tradition in which descendants of indigenous people, Spaniards and Africans pay homage to God and the Blessed Sacrament of the Catholic Church by dancing backwards dressed as devils. With her art, RAMart invites us to reflect on the connection between different cultures and traditions, and the way in which they can influence each other.

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